Kaizers Orchestra Quizmas Calendar

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Welcome to the Kaizers Orchestra Quizmas Calendar!

Uh... what is a "Quizmas calendar"?! Well, it's an Advent calendar, of course! Just without the chocolate and without the presents, but with questions and quizzes every day. For each question that you answer correctly, you score points, and in the end, there's a nice prize for the smartest Kaizer fans! The prizes are several copies of the "En aften i operaen" DVD and BluRay - and of course glory and fame for the winner!

The rules are simple: Visit the calendar every day, answer the question, and accumulate points. If you miss a day, don't worry - you can always answer the question lateron; all questions are open until December 24 (and the correct answers will be announced afterwards, of course). On some days, there will be a bonus question in addition. You can find it by clicking the gasmask in the upper right-hand corner. Bonus questions must be answered on the respective day, not later. So you might want to visit the calendar every day! The players with the highest scores in the end win. In addition, some of the prizes will be given out at random as well, so that everybody has a chance of winning. =:-) To make this fair, you must have answered at least five questions to be eligible for the random draw of the main prizes. A new addition this year is that there are additional prizes on some specific days. These prizes will be given out at random after the end of the calendar (thus after Christmas). Eligible is everyone who answered the respective question correctly and specified that they want to win. It doesn't matter if the question was answered on the first day or later in this case - but the answer must be correct.

There are points for every correct answer:Important: You can answer each question only once, so you cannot correct a wrong answer.

To get your scores summed up, you must always enter your email address; that's your identification (and of course it is not used for anything else, except for notifying you in case you should win). If you want to, you can additionally enter a four-digit code (if you suspect that someone else might use your email address to participate). You can also skip this code. However, if you do enter it once, you must always specify it.

You can view all scores if you click "Ranking". Note that I have to check all answers manually and update the list, so refer to the time of the last update to see if your answers have been scored already.

If there are problems or if you have a question (if something doesn't work, you forgot your code, you used different addresses, or anything else), send an email to quizmas@konzertjunkie.com. Of course you're very welcome to post general comments, praise, or criticism on Facebook as well. And as quizzes are even more fun if there are lots of participants, feel free to invite your friends!

And now: Have fun with the questions! =:-)