Day 4

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Exploding Head Syndrome - what do they have to do with Kaizers Orchestra? Well, the answer is simple: a common band member! As long as Geir "Hellraizer" Kaizer is not busy with Kaizers Orchestra or with roaming the world, he's part of Exploding Head Syndrome. He plays guitar on the first EP that was released in 2011, and he participated in the preparations for the first album "Disciples of Reason". Because of the Violeta trilogy, he had to step back then, and Remi temporarily joined the band to fill in for Geir at concerts and during the recordings of the album. The plan is that Geir will be back some time next year - until then, the "masterminds" of the band, Morten at guitar and Eirik at the vocals, as well as drummer Lars, are stepping it up on their own. They just released their album "Disciples of Reason" (which you can buy digitally from all the usual sites or as CD or LP via the band's website), and the band is frequently playing concerts. You can listen to the album and EP here; or check out their video for the Single "Black Gold" below.

Since when (which year) does Geir play in Exploding Head Syndrome?

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