Day 20

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Geoff Berner has been a part of the Kaizers family for years - just recently he played as one of the support acts at the "Siste Dans" concerts in Stavanger. But at the moment, Geoff doesn't only play concerts at every little stage around the world; he also just released his first novel "Festival Man". I gotta admit: I had been a bit afraid. How should his style of writing, well known from his accordion schoolbook and the frequent newsletters, work out in a full-length novel?! Well, it's easy: The novel is a novel, no newsletter and no accordion schoolbook. And even though you can clearly recognize Geoff behind the writing (which is how it's got to be), the book is about Campbell Ouiniette. A fallen music manager who travels to a festival without the promised headliner and is confronted with all the shadows of his past there - and we get to know all about it, of course. Very entertaining!

Accompanying the book is an album (I start seeing a trend here ;-)): "Truly Great Artists Covering Geoff Berner's Songs". And since we're talking about the "truly great", Kaizers Orchestra are of course part of the album! You can check out their version of Whiskey Rabbi on - and every book contains a download code for the full album.

Talking about cover versions: At a concert at Vega in Copenhagen 2008, Geoff Berner covered the Kaizers song "Kontroll på kontinentet". According to his version, who "can make you feel good in any color"?

The correct answer:
Exploited Chinese children

81% (of 131) answered this question correctly.