Day 5

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  1. Kontroll på kontinentet
  2. Hevnervals
  3. Knekker deg til sist
  4. Bastard sønn
  5. Kavalér
  6. Tumor i ditt hjerte
  7. Gresk komedie
  8. ???

Which song is the next logical song in this list?

The correct answer:
Satan i halsen

The first song is the first song of the first (studio) album, the second the second from the second, and so on.

And because I screwed up and based the question on a wrong track list of Vol. II (which, by the way, is also wrong on, pff), all answers that somehow made sense and were sent in in the first 30 minutes were counted as correct as well.

87% (of 305) answered this question correctly.