Day 24

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Merry Christmas everyone! Let's celebrate the end of a fantastic Kaizer year 2013 - and instead of getting all sentimental now, let's end this calendar in a much more fun way.

"Det er nesten comedy!" - that's what Janove himself says about the three rarities he dug out of his archive and that you can listen to below. They were recorded for the theater music for Sonny, and one of them was actually used in the musical as well.

And now we get to hear these songs, as a little Christmas present from Kaizers to us! =:-) After you send in your answer, you'll get a mail with a download link automatically (if you selected this). If you want to download the songs but don't want to participate in the calendar, just wait a few days; after the end of the calendar I'll publish the download link for everyone.

But first, here's the last question for you: Which songs are the base for these versions? What's the name of the originals? As always, you have to get all three songs right and answer with the names in the correct order to score points today.


The correct answer:
1: Bak et halleluja - 2: Min kvite russer - 3: Sig°ynerblod

You can download the three unreleased songs from Sonny below. Right-click the link and select "Save as" (or something similar). Please download the file only one time - web traffic is expensive, and if the file is downloaded too often, I might have to take it offline for a couple of days.

The winners will be selected in a few days. They'll be announced as news on

89% (of 139) answered this question correctly.