Day 16

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Just a few days after the last Kaizers concert we heard the news that Janove Ottesen would soon present a new single. Together with Real Ones and Christel Alsos, he had recorded the song "Vi ses i morgen" (video). The song is the single for Tore Renberg's novel with the same name, which was released in September. Why are there usually only singles for albums, anyway? That's why Tore Renberg wrote the lyrics, and Janove Ottesen turned it into a song. Book, song, and video got great reviews - Tore Renberg, who is known to be a Kaizers fan by the way, hit the bull's eye again.

The single for "Vi ses i morgen" is not the first cooperation of Tore Renberg and Janove Ottesen. What's the name of the first musical they wrote together?

The correct answer:
Det tusende hjertet

59% (of 204) answered this question correctly.